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  • 3/2024: Shot another episode of SEAL Team on CBS!


  • 1/2024: Shot opposite Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick in the feature film CONNESCENCE


  • 1/2024: Shot a Co-Star role on SEAL Team for CBS

  • 9/2023: Performing Off-Broadway in FORT HUACHUCA from 9/23 - 10/14 at A.R.T./NY Theaters

  • 6/2023: Officially joined Equity :)


  • 3/2023: OFFERED a role in the reading of Daniella de Jesus' new play "Castillos de Plástico" at New York Theatre Workshop

  • 2/2023: Shot a Co-star on NBC's THE BLACKLIST

  • 2/2023: BOOKED a Netflix/LALIFF short film again :)

  • 9/2022: Shot a commercial for Comcast Xfinity

  • 8/12/22: Shot opposite Patricia Arquette and Willem Dafoe in Arquette's directorial debut, GONZO GIRL

  • 3/14/22: Director session with Arthur Seidelman for the Lead role in the feature film DELFINO'S JOURNEY

  • 2/21/22: BOOKED the Lead role in the Netflix and LALIFF-backed short film BODIES WILL TUMBLE AND ROLL

  • 12/8/21: BOOKED a Co-Star on the BET+ series, AMERICAN GANGSTER: TRAP QUEENS

  • 6/8/21: BOOKED a 2-day Co-Star role in AMC's ALLBLK anthology series, "COVENANT" in Atlanta

  • 5/6/21: BOOKED a Co-Star role in the new Amazon series, "AS WE SEE IT"

  • 1/27/21: 1 of 24 finalists for Lena Waithe's Hillman Grad Mentorship Program! (over 3000 submissions!)


  • 10/6/20: Shot a national MCDONALD'S commercial in Spanish!

Luz Ozuna
Luz Ozuna
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